Build good habits, crush bad habits

Wanting to build good habits, frustrated about breaking bad habits, forgetting about practicing habits you promised yourself to do on a regular basis? You are not alone. Many people out there are having the same problem. We all know the power of habits in shaping a better us, but routine isn't easy. It's been proven that large transformations are powered by tiny but regular changes, but without keeping track of changes it's easy to lose sight of the progress. HabitGuru is here to help you keep up with your routine, remind you to maintain the targeted habits, keep records of your habits and make a difference in your life.

Let's get you started!

Current features:

  • Easy-to-get-started interface
  • Set frequencies of your choosing (how often per week/month, ...)
  • Set notifications at chosen time
  • Statistics of practiced habits over time
  • Update habits in case you forget to track
  • Night mode

Looking forward to adding more; use the feedback or email to send us your suggestions.

Happy practicing your habits, Namaste!